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BFFS (Break Free From Stress) Training Solutions, offers the unique training programs for organisations, focused entirely on empowering people with essential skills to de stress and boost their Happiness Quotient.

BFFS (Break Free From Stress) was founded in 2017 after an extensive research, with a belief that “Humans are ruled by thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.” It is the most practical program on stress management, which works on changing mindset of people and empowers them to take charge of their happiness. The techniques used while training will provide emotional, mental, physical and sensory relief to the participants.

The techniques are developed using principles of Reiki, NLP, Laughter Yoga, Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness.

BFFS (Break Free From Stress) has been catering to corporate clients, educational institutions and NGOs to upgrade their skills to deal with stress. Clients have continued to trust BFFS (Break Free From Stress) for our ability to understand their business, customize the programs to suit their needs and create a fun learning environment.

Mission of BFFS training solutions:

Happy work culture, Happy employees, Happy customers, Happy organisations!!!

BFFS aims to help build happy organizations by improving the quality of living of the employees, resulting in increased productivity, enhanced workplace positivity and positive growth of the organisations.

BFFS Program Strategies:

The strategies are broadly classified in two parts:

How to Deal with stress:

These techniques focus on changing mindset of people. They are developed using principles of NLP, Reiki and Emotional Intelligence.
They work on two areas:

» Mental Relief
» Emotional Relief

How to De-stress:

These techniques focus on helping people to relax during times of stress. They also help to overcome anxiety to a great extent.
They work on two areas:

» Physical Relief
» Sensory Relief

How your organisation can benefit from BFFS Program:


Increase in productivity resulting from improved mental, emotional, social and physical health of the employees, ultimately resulting in improved financial health of the organisation.


Builds positive and enthusiastic work environment. Happy work culture leads to happy employees, happy employees leads to happy customers.


Increase in self motivation, self confidence and self-awareness, resulting in lesser conflicts and more responsible employees.


Decrease in absenteeism and employee turnover, via improved health parameters of the employees.

Ms. Poonam Madaan: Founder & CEO

Her Life Story

Poonam is a seasoned professional with almost 2 decades of experience in versatile corporate, education and training environment. She is the founder of Break Free From Stress (BFFS) Training Solutions.

She is a Chartered Accountant, Educator and Corporate Trainer. From being a CA, to faculty member, to corporate trainer, to laughter yoga teacher, to energy healer, to NLP Practitioner have added a lot of value & exposure to her career. During her stints with Honda Cars and DCM Shiram, she had diverse exposure in finance related aspects of businesses. As an educator and trainer, she have delivered programs with various educational institutions and corporate houses. Her sessions are highly energetic and interactive.

She is a righteous self-believer, optimistic trainer and an excellent story teller. Her empathetic persuasive nature inspires people towards self-introspection and ignites the spark for positive transformation. She has a good sense of humour and deep interest in spirituality. She loves to connect with people and add value to their lives.


Her diverse experience in corporate, teaching and training environment, helps her to have a thorough insight on client’s training needs and comprehend their training requirements, enabling her to customize her programs to high standards. Being from Finance background helps to have better understanding of the business environment and the challenges people face.

She firmly believes that “Humans are ruled by thoughts, and thoughts can be changed”.

Her Qualifications and Certification

She qualified Chartered Accountancy in her first attempt in the year 2003 and started her career with Honda Cars and moved on to work with DCM Shriram. In 2009, she made a career move and got empanelled as faculty for CA students. She has been associated with the Insitute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) as an educator and Trainer since 2009.

Her certifications include:
» Chartered Accountant
» Certified Corporate Trainer
» Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
» Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
» Certified Mindfulness Practitioner
» Certified Reiki Practitioner  

Discover BFFS story:

On her hunt to identify an area where people need to sharpen their skills through proper training, she was surprised with the revelation that people nowadays are suffering a lot, due to their inability to deal with stress. Stress is becoming an epidemic and is severely affecting people. Surprisingly, there is no such formal education that can prepare us to manage stress effectively and live a happy life. People are left alone in this world to develop their own strategies to deal with stress.

Considering this as a divine calling, she began on a journey to pull together tried and tested, practical, easy to follow methods to de-stress, leading to the birth of Break Free From Stress (BFFS) training solutions. Today, she is dedicated to help organisations to empower people with the essential skills to de-stress, resulting in improved working conditions and positive work culture.

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