“Funfilled workshops, thought provoking seminars and customized programs to guide people to break free from stress”

BFFS training programs have been running successfully in Corporates and educational institutions. The programs have been highly appreciated and positively received by the trainees. To know more about the programs offered, click here

Offering customised programs for Group of people. Programs have been specially designed for

Corporates, including

› BFFS for Working Professionals
› BFFS for Working Women

Educational Institutions, including

› BFFS for Students
› BFFS for Teachers and Faculties

Don’t Just Dream of Stress Free Environment, Work Towards Building It.

Break free from stress is the program specially designed to guide people to de-stress. BFFS Training Program includes Fun filled workshops and thought provoking seminars to take people from distress to de-stress. It focuses on providing safe natural and easy to follow methods to empower people with necessary skills to break free from stress.

“Humans are ruled by thoughts, and  thoughts can be changed.”

Most of the time stress is the result of self induced stimulants and thoughts. Human mind is the product of thoughts which are processed inside it. Sometimes a simple change in routine can bring joy in the life. Happiness can be momentary emotion but joy is permanent. Break Free From Stress program focuses on bringing joy in the life of people.




To help people to break free from stress, before stress pushes them down into the well of depression.


Reducing the number of people becoming prey to depression, by timely making them aware.


Providing safe, natural and easy to follow strategies to equip people with necessary skills to combat stress.

Our Vision

To guide people of all ages, around the world to be stress free and encourage them to have joyful life.

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