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Let it go

By Poonam Madaan | Apr 22, 2018

When we get hurt by thorns, what we do? Take it out and let it heal, or do we allow thorns to reside in our body and be a part of it.

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Is empathy always good?

By Poonam Madaan | Apr 22, 2018

Showing empathy means we should consider our-self to be in other persons situation, feel their feelings and try to understand.

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Does anything changes with the New Year?

By Poonam Madaan | Apr 22, 2018

Today morning when I was sitting with my pen and dairy to set goal for this new beginning, after long thought process..

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Don't open the Door....

By Poonam Madaan | June 25, 2018

Has it ever happened to you when someone has knocked at your door and you didn’t want to open door for them.

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Habits vs Values #positiveparenting

By Poonam Madaan | Sep 18, 2018

Yesterday, I met a lady, who is working full time for a 9 to 6 job. Her 6 year old daughter named Nancy.

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